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Leftie#16 by Dylan


It was a sunny morning and Donald Trump was getting ready to name this day “Donald Trump Day!”. However, across the ocean, in New Zealand, stood his arch nemesis. Dr.Professor Leftie. He used to be Donald’s left hand but found rivalry when Righty came along. Mr.Trump wanted to get rid of him, by cutting him […]

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Psycho Attack #11 Dylan


The hooded figure rose an axe high above his head and… As the sun barged through the clouds, Timmy buzzed with excitement as he was going for a stroll in the woods with his mum, Louisa, and his dad, John. Once they were finally dressed,  and they all jumped in their Audi R8 V10 Spider, […]

Historical Hogsmeade by Dylan #9


It was a cold, stormy night and Harry was fast asleep. All of a sudden, he felt himself fall down from the navy blue sky and he landed with an almighty thud on the hard concrete ground. In front of him was a floating Hogsmeade sign. He looked around and saw an up to date […]

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