The Sky Controller! #15 Daniella


When the clock struck five,

the sky turned crimson red.

Because safety comes first;

Annie put her helmet on her head.


“I’m off to see the Sky Snake and bring back our blue skies!”

she said with a look of fright.

Unfortunately, she didn’t come back,

not even at night!


The villagers were shocked!

Where was their darling Annie?

Her dad wanted to find her,

so he cycled off rapidly.


100 years later, and still no trace of Annie,

Her whereabouts remain a mystery,

and this will definitely lay in

Scottish history!


The Figure That Came to Life by Jadzia #16


Once, I knew a boy named Harrison. He had a Donald Trump figure and I am about to tell you how it came to life…
Thursday morning and it was ‘Take-your-kid-to-work-day’. Harrison was so excited to go to work with his Mum. As they approached the looming tower where Mum worked, she announced “I want you to be on your best behaviour. Alright?” “I suppose so” sighed Harrison. When they were inside, Harrison snuck up to the roof and placed his Donald Trump figure onto the ground. The sun gleamed on it and suddenly…  It came to life!….

The Hand By Charlie L #16 HWC


Crash! A peculiar noise Charlie had heard every time his little sister, Michelle threw her toys in every spot of the house, however this time the noise didn’t come from his sister it came from outside, rapidly Charlie and Michelle rushed out from their immense mansion. Stood right before their stunned little eyes on top of the staggeringly towering skyscraper opposite their house in the heart of Christ Church a bold hand in the shape of a human and boomed “All hands out there shall die!”

Rapidly, everyone in the city fled back home and never came out again!




New Zealand’s Superhero Daniella#16


It was a cold, cloudy and miserable afternoon in Christ Church. Miranda and Kimmy were shopping. “Check out this dress!” Kimmy shouted as she pretended to wear it. Miranda giggled and kept walking along the clean pavement until she got to her house. “I’m home now. Want to come in for lunch?” Miranda asked. My younger brother needs help with his homework.”

As she walking, she noticed a weird figure standing on top of her bungalow. As she moved closer to the area where her house was, she noticed that it was a hand with Donald Trump’s face on it. Why was he here? Didn’t he belong to the White House?

The Daily Weird


The Daily Weird

Early this morning, a hand with a face was caught walking around London and everyone who spoke to it was replied with talk to the hand because the face is not listening. The hand is very large, it is 3 metres tall and it is quite frightening.

The hand has been given the name Fingers by the public who has seen this extraordinary creature. Some people think that Fingers might be harmful and could be from another planet. But this would mean that Fingers is an alien but how do aliens know how we talk.

Donald trump Action Figure #16


this is a Donald trump action figure he wears a cape they call him the left hand Donald he speaks and fly’s and he is from America you can only by him on amazon but will take at least 5 days to get to your house. The action figure is here because Donald trump said i am famous so he demanded his own action figure a couple of weeks ago and it was born the Donald trump action figure it is really popular here in america not so much in the united kingdom the action figure was £100 dollars

Donhand Thumb Returns #16 100WC


BANG!CHOP! It was the middle of summer, people were working of important papers and Donald Trump was bleeding and his hand has been chopped off. It happened by one of his haters because he killed one of his family members so he wanted revenge. Suddenly, the hand started grow a strange face. How? Does Donald Trump have some sort of power inside him.

“What are you?” whispered Donald Trump.

The hand said nothing. It carefully climbed the immense building. After a while, it reached the top. It’s silky skin shone as the sun bounced onto it.

“Okay lets make America great again.” shouted Donhand Thumb…










































Donald Trump. Katharine. #16


On the 12th of August it was the day that Billy had been waiting for take your son to work day!

I always take my favourite action figure Donald Trump. He looks like a hand. However, you can bend his fingers in all different directions.

“I want to go and play!” I pleaded “I promise I wont get in your way Daddy.” I flew up the stairs onto the roof top.

“Donald Trump AWAY!” I called ” Oh no he has fallen way down, he is broken!” Dad came rushing up the stairs… “Don’t worry, I’ll by you a new one !” he said heart-broken.

It wont be the same I thought…

Leftie#16 by Dylan


It was a sunny morning and Donald Trump was getting ready to name this day “Donald Trump Day!”. However, across the ocean, in New Zealand, stood his arch nemesis. Dr.Professor Leftie. He used to be Donald’s left hand but found rivalry when Righty came along. Mr.Trump wanted to get rid of him, by cutting him off!But Leftie seeks revenge to this day. So,as Donald Trump was leaving New Zealand to make his announcement outside of White House, Leftie went on aboard and stealthily hid in the luggage compartment.

He felt the plane land and Donald Trump started to walk towards him and…

The Dear Diary Crazy #16


Dear Diary,

Today was a very weird day!

I was walking past the main America attraction, I took a look to my right and I saw a strange hand on top of a building. It had Donald Trumps ugly face on it. I’m pretty sure it was a child’s toy. It was quit big though. It was not there on Friday when I went . It was a peach colour with a mans face on it, very strange. It was probably Donald Trumps right hand man, like literally. I predict it was a little childs toy, a big one.


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