The Dementors by Alexia #11


This is a very dangerous species. Stay away! This is a Dementor! They have come to steal our souls. J.K Rowling was right, there are Dementors! But no, sorry kids Harry Potter is not. They’re in a national park, “Belhus Park”. Don’t be scared because if you stay in your homes ,we will read Harry Potter and find out how to exterminate all of them. That is all for the news and we will try and get them out of here before they spread to different countries. Stay away, and don’t go out of your homes for about three days. Bye.

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“The Dementors by Alexia #11”

  1. November 23rd, 2017 at 7:03 pm      Reply sapphireedit Says:

    Well done, Alexia.

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